Here you will find what helps you get acquainted with the idea and project of a carpet and carpet exhibition

Many women, housewives and girls who go to marriage buy a variety of carpets and rugs  The carpet and the carpet are working to bring comfort to the housewives so as to clean them with vacuum cleaners and if there is a desire to wash them can be collected from the floors and go to the carpet laundries and after drying can be re-brushes On the floors again without any effort and without any difficulties or problems, and based on the above we conclude that the idea of ​​creating a small exhibition for the sale of carpets and various rugs will be a very successful idea and will achieve a lot of profits if implemented properly and at the appropriate location was To market them based on appropriate ways and this is what we will work to explain some details in addition to other no less important and so are as follows lines of.

Project goals:

The project aims to provide products suitable for the market to receive the admiration of customers and at the same time prices are suitable to be able to purchase, as well as the project to operate a small number of employment, which works to reduce unemployment rates even a very small and in addition to the previous goals there is a very important goal is to achieve Many of the profits enable the owner of the project to save and develop.

Carpet and carpet exhibition site:

Choosing the right site is one of the most important factors in the success of the project. In order to choose the appropriate site, you must identify your target customers. In our case today, we can say that the target customers are the middle and upper standard of living, especially the women, housewives and girls who are going to marry. The choice of a shop or exhibition on an area of not less than 50 square meters in one of the ground floors located in one of the residential buildings located in an area with an average standard of living and provided that there is no other exhibition to sell the same products in the selected area.

How to buy goods:

You can search the websites and specifically the sites of directories of companies and factories such as the site And the jealousy of the sites as you can buy catalogs and evidence traders and suppliers and filter the results to prepare a list of the names of the nearest factories and traders to you and then communicate with them and go to preview their products and prices and compare between everyone and then decide to deal with the dealer or factory, which gives you the best price and quality that suit members of the market Which you are working on

The necessary employment for the exhibition:

–If there is a movement of sales and purchase, you will need about four or five employees to work in sales as well as to work on organizing the exhibition and display the goods in ways able to attract the target customers in addition to working on cleaning the exhibition on a continuous basis, and the specifications that must be available in the staff is full time The ability to persuade, the tactful and the benign behavior and the ability to understand what is going on in the head of the customer and to work on the exploitation as soon as possible.

Marketing products and increasing sales:

–If you choose a suitable site and get quality products suitable for the members of your market you are likely to achieve good sales but there is always a way to increase these sales and profits as follows.

–The installation of glass vases to display the products behind them, as well as the suspension of a banner attractive to attention and attention and thus ensure the attraction of the attention of the largest number of passers-by, including your target customers of course.

–You can go to one of the offices / projects - small - company - advertising - advertising / advertising and the work of publicity showing the offers and discounts and the address of the exhibition and telephone numbers and cost one of the boys or young people to distribute them to the target customers in the vicinity of the project and in the vicinity.

–Advertising can be distributed to university girls, especially girls who study in the final year, as they are close to engagement and marriage, and of course they will need carpets and moccasins among the equipment required to purchase them.

–A small announcement can be made in one of the necessary procedures and licenses for local M-print advertising projects in your governorate.

–It is possible to agree with some shops and stores that serve your target customers such as hairdressers, beauty centers, hardware shops, furniture and others to put advertisements for you in their stores and in return you put advertisements for them in your exhibition and thus win everyone.